How to say Good Night in Russian

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How to Say Goodnight in Russian, of course this is the opposite of the Russian way to say hello, but it is a need to know expression.

The main way to say goodnight is: Спокойной ночи!
Spuh – koi – nai no – chee

This literally means: “Peaceful night!” We say Spokoinai Nochi when…

1) Someone is about to go to sleep.

2)…or YOU are about to go to sleep.

We also say it when…

1) We end a phone conversation late at night.

2) Or leaving an establishment late at night.

In other words…

You only say spokoinai nochi when you are pretty sure the person will soon be going to bed…

…or YOU intend to go to bed.

There are other ways to wish someone
a Good Night as well. For example:

Сладких снов!

sladkikh snov!

Sladkihk snov if you translate means:

Sweet Dreams!

Let me help you pronounce it in Russian: slad – kihkh snov

Another way is: Pree – yat – nikh sna – vee – dyeh – nee

This means… Pleasant dreams!

A few more rules about Good Night:

If you are saying Good Night to a group of people, you would add the word ‘fsyem’, which means ‘To all.’

Like this: Fsem spokoinai nochee!

Also, if you are saying Good Night to your boss, or someone older than you, you would add the word ‘vam’, which means ‘To you.’

Like this: spokoinai vam nochee!

You probably want to go to sleep now, but first let’s give you your Final Exam!

Are you ready?

What would you say to this person before he goes to bed? (Photo of boy)

ANSWER: Spokoinoi nochi!

That’s all for now.
So to all of you I say:

Spokoinoi vam nochi!

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