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Casual Russian Greetings: What comes after the word for Hello when speaking to Russian people?

The way to say “Hi, how’re things?” in the Russian langauge is…

Привет! Как дела?
Pree -vyet! Kak dela?

We say “Kak dela” to…

1. Family members

2. Friends

3. Children

4. Pets

We do NOT say “Kak dela” the Russian translation for hello doesn’t exactly apply in this situation…

1. Our boss.

2. Our Grandparents.

3. Strangers.

4. Anyone we want to be respectful to.

“Kak dela” is not rude, but it is simply informal. The people I listed above, we want to speak more formally to them, out of respect.
When speaking formally, we would greet people this way:

Здравствуйте, как Ваши дела?
zdrastvuityeh, kak vashi dela?

You could also greet these people by saying:

Как Вы?
Kak vwee?

“Kak vwee” means…How are you?

If you’re greeting your friends, you might ask them: “What’s new?”

Что нового у тебя?
Shto novova u tibya?

If you’re speaking formally (or to a group of friends) here’s how you ask “What’s new?”…

Что у Вас нового?
Shto u vas novova?

The least formal, most friendly and familiar way of saying hello in Russian is this greeting…

Приветик! Как делишки?
Prevetik! Kak deleeshki?

This is very cute! It might be like saying…
Hello Poopsie!
How’re thing-a-lings?

You would NOT hello my friend like this to your boss!

…unless you boss was your best friend from childhood,

…or a six-year-old! :-)

If you didn’t expect to see the person, or it’s been a very long time, you’d say:

Привет! Какими судьбами!
Prevyet! Kakimi sudbami!

In English, this means…Hi! What fate is it, that let’s us meet!

Before going out to meet people, let’s give you your final exam!

Which group would you say “Kak delishki” to?…

I hope you said it to the second group!

That’s all for today! ’til next time!


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    I love your site, I hope to see neww posts soon, I reaaly love the russian language and you explain it so fantastic! greetings!!

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